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Список песен, переводы которых есть на сайте

4 minutes (Hard Candy)
A Cinema In Buenos Aires, July (Evita)
A New Argentina (Evita)
Across The Sky (Разное)
Act Of Contrition (Like A Prayer)
Ain't No Big Deal (Разное)
Amazing (Music)
American Life (American Life)
American Pie (Music)
And The Money Kept Rolling In (Evita)
Angel (Like A Virgin)
Animal (Разное)
Another Suitcase In Another Hall (Evita)

B'Day Song (MDNA)
Back In Business (I'm Breathless)
Bad Girl (Erotica)
Be Careful (Разное)
Beat Goes On (Hard Candy)
Beautiful Killer (MDNA)
Beautiful Stranger (Разное)
Bedtime Story (Bedtime Stories)
Best Friend (MDNA)
Bittersweet (Разное)
Borderline (Madonna)
Broken (Разное)
Buenos Aires (Evita)
Burning Up (Madonna)
Bye-Bye Baby (Erotica)

Candy Perfume Girl (Ray Of Light)
Candy Shop (Hard Candy)
Can't Stop (Who's That Girl)
Causing A Commotion (Who's That Girl)
Celebration (Celebration)
Charity Concert/The Art Of The Possible (Evita)
Cherish (Like A Prayer)
Crazy For You (The Immaculate Collection)
Cry Baby (I'm Breathless)

Dance 2night (Hard Candy)
Dear Jessie (Like A Prayer)
Deeper And Deeper (Erotica)
Devil Wouldn't Recognize You (Hard Candy)
Die Another Day (American Life)
Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Evita)
Don't Stop (Bedtime Stories)
Don't Tell Me (Music)
Dress You Up (Like A Virgin)
Drowned World/Substitute For Love (Ray Of Light)

Easy Ride (American Life)
Erotic (Разное)
Erotica (Erotica)
Eva And Magaldi/Eva Beware Of The City (Evita)
Eva's Final Broadcast (Evita)
Everybody (Madonna)
Express Yourself (Like A Prayer)

Falling Free (MDNA)
Fever (Erotica)
Fighting Spirit (Разное)
Forbidden Love (2005) (Confessions On A DanceFloor)
Forbidden Love (1994) (Bedtime Stories)
Freedom (Разное)
Frozen (Ray Of Light)
Future Lovers (Confessions On A DanceFloor)

Gambler (Разное)
Gang Bang (MDNA)
Get Together (Confessions On A DanceFloor)
Girl Gone Wild (MDNA)
Give It 2 Me (Hard Candy)
Give Me All Your Luvin' (MDNA)
Gone (Music)
Gone Gone Gone (Разное)
Good-bye To Innocence (Разное)
Goodnight And Thank You (Evita)

Hanky Panky (I'm Breathless)
Has To Be (Разное)
Heartbeat (Hard Candy)
Hello And Goodbye (Evita)
He's A Man (I'm Breathless)
Hey You (Разное)
High Fliying, Adored (Evita)
History (Разное)
Holiday (Madonna)
Hollywood (American Life)
How High (Confessions On A DanceFloor)
Human Nature (Bedtime Stories)
Hung Up (Confessions On A DanceFloor)

I Deserve It (Music)
I Don't Give A (MDNA)
I Fucked Up (MDNA)
I Know It (Madonna)
I Love New York (Confessions On A DanceFloor)
I Want You (Something To Remember)
I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You (Evita)
I'd Rather Be Your Lover (Bedtime Stories)
If You Forget Me (Разное)
I'll Remember (Something To Remember)
I'm A Sinner (MDNA)
I'm Addicted (MDNA)
I'm Going Bananas (I'm Breathless)
I’m In Love With Love (Разное)
I'm So Stupid (American Life)
Impressive Instant (Music)
In This life (Erotica)
Incredible (Hard Candy)
Inside Of Me (Bedtime Stories)
Intervention (American Life)
Into The Groove (Like A Virgin)
Is This Love (Bon D'Accord) (Разное)
Isaac (Confessions On A DanceFloor)
It's So Cool (Celebration)

Jimmy Jimmy (True Blue)
Jump (Confessions On A DanceFloor)
Justify My Love (The Immaculate Collection)

Keep It Together (Like A Prayer)

La Isla Bonita (True Blue)
Lament (Evita)
Latin Chant (Evita)
Latte (La La) (Разное)
Let Down Your Guard (Разное)
Let It Will Be (Confessions On A DanceFloor)
Like A Flower (Разное)
Like A Prayer (Like A Prayer)
Like A Virgin (Like A Virgin)
Like It Or Not (Confessions On A DanceFloor)
Liquid Love (Разное)
Little Girl (Разное)
Little Star (Ray Of Light)
Live To Tell (True Blue)
Love Don't Live Here Anymore (Like A Virgin)
Love Makes The World Go Round (True Blue)
Love Profusion (American Life)
Love Song (Like A Prayer)
Love Spent (MDNA)
Love Tried To Welcome Me (Bedtime Stories)
Love Won't Wait (Разное)
Lucky Star (Madonna)

Masterpiece (MDNA)
Material Girl (Like A Virgin)
Me Against The Music (Разное)
Mer Girl (Ray Of Light)
Miles Away (Hard Candy)
Miss You (Разное)
More (I'm Breathless)
Mother And Father (American Life)
Music (Music)

Nobody Knows Me (American Life)
Nobody's Perfect (Music)
Nothing Fails (American Life)
Nothing Really Matters (Ray Of Light)
Now I'm Following You (I'm Breathless)

Oh Father (Like A Prayer)
Oh What A Circus (Evita)
On The Balcony Of The Casa Rosada 1 (Evita)
On The Balcony Of The Casa Rosada 2 (Evita)
On This Night Of A Thousand Stars (Evita)
One More Chance (Something To Remember)
Open Your Heart (True Blue)
Over And Over (Like A Virgin)

Papa Don't Preach (True Blue)
Paradise (not for me) (Music)
Partido Feminista (Evita)
Peron's Latest Flame (Evita)
Physical Attraction (Madonna)
Pretender (Like A Virgin)
Promise To Try (Like A Prayer)
Push (Confessions On A DanceFloor)

Rain (Erotica)
Rainbow High (Evita)
Rainbow Tour (Evita)
Ray Of Light (Ray Of Light)
Requiem For Evita (Evita)
Rescue Me (The Immaculate Collection)
Revenge (Разное)
Revolver (Celebration)
Ring My Bell (Разное)
Runaway Lover (Music)

Sanctuary (Bedtime Stories)
Santa Evita (Evita)
Secret (Bedtime Stories)
Secret Garden (Erotica)
Set The Right (Разное)
She's Not Me (Hard Candy)
She Is A Diamond (Evita)
Shoo Bee Doo (Like A Virgin)
Skin (Ray Of Light)
Sky Fits Heaven (Ray Of Light)
Some Girls (MDNA)
Something To Remember (I'm Breathless)
Sooner Or Later (I'm Breathless)
Sorry (Confessions On A DanceFloor)
Spanish Eyes (Like A Prayer)
Spanish Lesson (Hard Candy)
Spotlight (You Can Dance)
Stay (Like A Virgin)
Super Pop (Разное)
Supernatural (Разное)
Superstar (MDNA)
Survival (Bedtime Stories)
Swim (Ray Of Light)

Take A Bow (Bedtime Stories)
The Actress Hasn't Learned The Lines (Evita)
The Beast Within (Разное)
The Beat Goes On (первая версия) (Разное)
The Game (Разное)
The Lady's Got Potential (Evita)
The Look Of Love (Who's That Girl)
The Power Of Good-bye (Ray Of Light)
Thief Of Hearts (Erotica)
Think Of Me (Madonna)
This Used To Be My Playground (Something To Remember)
Till Death Do Us Part (Like A Prayer)
Time Stood Still (The Next Best Thing)
To Have And Not To Hold (Ray Of Light)
Triggering Your Senses (Разное)
True Blue (True Blue)
Turn Up The Radio (MDNA)

Vogue (I'm Breathless)
Voices (Hard Candy)

Waiting (Erotica)
Waltz For Eva And Che (Evita)
What Can You Lose (I'm Breathless)
What It Feels Like For A Girl (Music)
Where Life Begins (Erotica)
Where's The Party (True Blue)
White Heat (True Blue)
Who's That Girl (Who's That Girl)
Why's It So Hard (Erotica)
Words (Erotica)

X-Static Process (American Life)

You Must Love Me (Evita)
You Thrill Me (Разное)
You'll See (Something To Remember)
Your Honesty (Разное)
Your Little Body's Slowly Breaking Down (Evita)